Western Managed 
Quality Assurance in 
China & Asia

We are your eyes and ears in China & Asia. You can rest easy knowing a western run quality inspection company has your back. We'll make sure all your products are made right the first time!

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Quality Inspection Process: How it Works

From booking to report release, our process is smooth, fast and simple

Get a presence in China & Asia

We are China & Asia experts, with 22 years of local experience. With us, you get a western, like-minded partner close to your suppliers. That local presence in 7 Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar) will help you get better quality products & on time shipments.

Video Reporting

We understand that a PDF document with photos might not give you the whole picture. So we also provide Video reports to our clients should you opt for it. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from video evidence your product is ready!

No need to wait! We send you reports right after the inspection is completed. That allows you to inform your supplier promptly whether they can ship or if they should quickly rework the products.

Same day inspection results

Quality service at the lowest price

Our inspections are delivered according to International Standards. We also pride ourselves on helping customers save on costs by providing the best possible inspections and audit prices.

Our inspections focus only on what is important to our customers. We deliver a clear report with all the important answers customer need to assess quality in a matter of minutes.

Focus on checkpoints that matter to you

We provide 3 different services for any need : the factory audit to make sure your Asia supplier is reliable
before you start working with them, AQL random quality inspection for fast compliance checking, and full inspection services to checking each and every piece 1 by 1.

A wide choice of services for all your needs

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Quality Inspection Services We Offer

During our QC Inspection, we randomly inspect 60% More Products than any other western inspection company in China and Asia at  no additional charge

Random Inspection

Random inspection means random selection and QC inspection in China or Asia of a few dozens or hundreds of pieces out of your full order quantity

It can be performed either at the beginning, the middle, or the end of production

According to the results of the report, you'll have an estimation of the overall quality of your goods

100% Inspection

100% inspection means we'll inspect each and every piece of your order one by one

100% inspection allows you to make sure there is no quality issue whatsoever in your product

It is most commonly performed at the end of the production

We're one of the only inspection company in China to perform 100% inspections

Factory Audit

The purpose of the audit is to confirm the supplier is legally sound, and whether they have the experience and product capacity to deliver your orders smoothly

Factory audit is performed before you start working with a China supplier.

We're the only China inspection company to perform video factory audits

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Why choose Amazing Quality Control Ltd

We literally act as your Own company Quality representative in China & Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand , Bangladesh & Myanmar. No matter the region we work for you!

Western Roots

With us, you get a western, like-minded partner close to your suppliers. That local presence in China & Asia will help you get better quality products & on time shipments.

Video Reporting

We are one of the only companies to provide video reports and factory video audits. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth... a lot more than that.

Better Inspection Process

Wide choice of services to make sure you choose a reliable supplier, avoid quality troubles, and get fast feedback, all at the most affordable pricing.

Supplier Appointments

After we receive your quality inspection instructions, we contact your supplier, set the inspection date, and pass all the inspection instructions to our on-site inspectors.

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Each inspection we perform for you aims to thoroughly check these 6 checkpoints

What Information You Get From Our Inspection Report


Each piece is visually inspected to make sure there is no product tears, scratches, dirt stains, loose threads, glue marks, etc...

Functional & Safety Tests

We perform different tests to make sure your product works properly and that it's ready to ship!

Packing & Packaging

Check of the individual packaging and export packing compliance, carton size, shipping marks, packing method, barcodes, etc...

Product General Appearance

We check if the manufactured products correspond to your instructions in terms of branding, color, shape , labels, etc...

Production Status

Check of the quantity of products ready & packed , not ready, and ready but not packed at inspection date

Product Measurements

Check of the product length, width, thickness, diameter, weight, and all the necessary size elements

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